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Building Solutions

Intelligent Desinfectation

Nexos Intelligent Disinfection provides the ultimate peace of mind and flexibility for your space in-between occupancy. Manually engage the UV disinfection cycle after meetings to sanitize conference rooms before being occupied by another group, in common areas when empty, and in short increments throughout the day to maintain a safe work environment.

Intelligent Lighting Control powered by POE POE

Get the Best in Intelligent Lighting Technology with Igor’s PoE Lighting Application, Powered by Nexos  After decades of focusing on LED lighting for energy efficiency,
attention is shifting to intelligent PoE lighting and technologies that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT). The availability of low-cost, ultra-miniature LEDs, sensors and communications protocols now makes it possible to embed Internet connectivity into every lighting fixture and most low-wattage sensors and to do so with a low price tag. Because the entire system is powered and controlled over a  standard Ethernet connection and PoE ports, network-enabled PoE devices can provide any user immediate access and building automation control over the entire system.

Smart Building Automation

Nexos, Igor’s PoE-based IoT platform, is designed with smart building management in mind. The concept of smart buildings may have grown out of the sustainability movement and a focus on energy efficiency, but IoT buildings contribute widespread value to businesses:

Energy Efficient Buildings

Shift Towards Energy Efficient Buildings
Whether the drive toward energy-efficient buildings comes from a desire to contribute to environmental sustainability or for the cost benefits of energy savings, today buildings are expected to be energy-efficient. Making buildings energy efficient can go far beyond using green renewable energy sources and improved insulation. Today, PoE networks are becoming a mechanism for maximizing energy savings and improving overall building efficiencies. Using proven PoE technology, Nexos provides a tightly integrated lighting application that can provide significantly more energy savings than switching to LEDs alone. Part of the additional savings come from the learnings captured in the Igor software data analytics program. Igor’s advanced analytics software can provide learnings, optimizations, and – eventually – set the state for artificial intelligence (AI) to find opportunities to improve efficiencies. Igor’s PoE technology creates staggering power efficiencies – saving costs and creating improved residential, office, and retail environments – transforming buildings into “agile assets.”

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Monitoring Solutions

Syscom is a leading supplier of high quality vibration and seismic monitoring equipment for civil engineering, strong motion and safety industries. Syscom manufactures tailored instruments and software solutions for easy remote data acquisition and better throughput.

Structure & Buildings

High-rise buildings, historical buildings & landmarks, sensitive sites like hospitals, stadiums are usually monitoring when they are located in seismic zones. The permanent strong motion monitoring will give critical insights about the structural health and is able to raise automated local alarming in case of strong earthquakes. Several alarming levels can be setup typically in the systems, based on local structural response spectrums – RSP.
Aging sustainabiltiy and structural fault detection can also be addressed by these accelerographs, by using quite complex operational modal analysis methods.

Construction SITES

The structures in proximity of a construction site need a temporary instrumentation dedicated to the vibration monitoring in order to evaluate the structural damage and the human comfort (only in case of buildings). Automatic alerts must be immediately sent in case of high vibration, exceeding threshold levels. Specific site alarms are useful to force a reduction of the work intensity.

railway monitoring

The railway monitoring survey is typically a 24 hours vibration measurement with three mono-axial velocity sensors at a distance of about 10 meters between two consecutive sensors, where the maximum velocities are collected and analyzed. The relevant frequency content is usually in the range of 15 Hz to 80 Hz.


New buildings need to be dynamically characterized, by understanding the first natural frequencies of the structure. The excitation is usually done with a fall of a big mass or by means of a shaker. The instruments must record the raw data and the specialists will analyze them in the post-processing phase, using specific software.


Pile driving is generating a lot of vibrations and should be monitored when done in central urban environment, especially for existing structures monitoring and human comfort vibration dose evaluation.


There are several methods used for tunnel boring depending of the soil structure and the different geophysical requirements. Tunnels can be excavated with explosives or TBM – Tunnel Boring Machines among other means. This will generate a lot of vibrations, especially for new metro undergound tunnels or shafts in the city centers. The existing metro stations, active tunnels, surrounding buildings and sensitive sites should be monitored to ensure safe work progress.


Vibration monitoring for bridges is very much relevant at the final construction stages and periodically duing the lifetime of the structure. First of all at the end of the construction, to validate the design and the operational natural frequencies and damping of the structure. That should validate the design calculation, typically performed with several synchronized measuring points along the structure with modal analysis processing. Such measurements can be performed in a cable free matter with several MR3000 devices operating in a master-slave network. Secondly, for the state of health of the structure, to be able to compare the nominal natural frequencies over their potential drift based on environmental and structural parameters.

Civil Engineering

Strong Motion Alram