Security Solution

Security Solution

The leading brand in global security surveillance. In recent years, VIVOTEK has developed comprehensive IP surveillance solutions that encompass its broad range of network cameras, PoE switches, network video recorders, and video management software. In response to the possibilities offered by the rising trend of IoT, VIVOTEK aspires to become the Eye in IOT by drawing on its expansive technological capabilities in image and audio. The Company also plans to continue improving its software/hardware R&D capabilities and expanding its already extensive strategic alliances with leading international software and hardware partners. This synergy of independent and cooperative development will maximize potential, achieve high-level system application, technology integration, and more deeply satisfy user demands across vertical markets.
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Plate Recognition

A Variety of Options for LPR/LPC Solutions

In order to deliver ever greater capabilities in License Plate Recognition, VIVOTEK has cooperated with LPR software developed by global partners to capture license plate images for LPR applications. A variety of options for VIVOTEK cameras provide the user with the optimal and most suitable camera for their LPR or traffic monitoring purposes. Ideal applications include access control, red light enforcement, surveillance and security, traffic monitoring, tolling system, and free-flow uses.

Facial Recognition

Intelligent Surveillance Solution

For complete protection in highly security-sensitive scenarios, VIVOTEK offers a Facial Recognition Solution by cooperating with professional third-party facial recognition software developers to meet the precise needs of a diverse range of users. A variety of options for VIVOTEK cameras provides users with the optimal and most suitable camera for their monitoring purposes. Fully and effortlessly integrated with VIVOTEK’s VMS – VAST 2, users can both monitor and manage facial recognition results, experiencing an intelligent surveillance solution whatever their application.

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Control Solution

During this critical time in our world, VIVOTEK AI-driven video analytics and smart-edge cameras are enabling IP surveillance solutions to better assist users to manage their business under the increased pressures of pandemic conditions. We offer a solution for retail businesses to maintain maximum occupancy as well as a safer and healthier environment. VIVOTEK Crowd Control Solutions can easily monitor the number of people entering and exiting a store, thereby providing customers and staff with a safer environment. This intelligent people-counting camera and analytics system can be deployed at points of entry to areas with a higher likelihood of social interaction such as shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and restaurants.

Transportation Solutions


A high-quality video monitoring system is crucial for ensuring passenger safety in all modes of public transport. Onboard and wayside surveillance serve many purposes: they act as a deterrent preventing crime; allow security personnel to react swiftly to any irregularities; and provide recordings for post-event analysis to help identify culprits. Extended functionalities of a system may include operational awareness for maneuvering, accurate passenger counting, and emergency video communication.

Fully cognizant of the complexity and specialized requirements of transportation projects, VIVOTEK offers a growing portfolio of certified products equipped with dedicated features and functionalities. VIVOTEK Transportation Solution portfolio allows users to build highly reliable, advanced systems perfectly suited for use in mass transportation.

Panoramic Solutions

180° Views – Broad Surveillance Coverage
VIVOTEK provides the most extensive line of 180° panoramic solutions in IP surveillance. By covering such a wide view in a single video/image, it provides users with the simplest method for situational surveillance. With practically no loss of angles for blind spots, events can be fully captured. VIVOTEK’s 180° panoramic solutions are available in a wide range of megapixel resolutions and housings, suitable for a diverse range of applications including retail, education, transportation, and many more.
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